Seta - 2016

A carpenters work is build under the ideology of efficient material usage by utilising the necessary minimum of material and work input, while it creates its very own beauty of transparency and openness. This obvious combination is what inspired the first draft of Seta. Open sides and a semi-transparent glass surface allow the sunrays to traverse through the shelf, which make the stored items the center of attention. It is clear this shelf doesn't try to hide it, more likely it says: "look at what I'm wearing". The pin connection on each of the four corners reside to the timber beam construction of gabled roofs and is plugged together and fixated by a rubber bolt at two points at each edge. This allows the wooden ground construction to breathe and not hinder it while widening during the summer and shrinking during the winter, as well as keeping the flexibility of ash wood. 8 pieces of ash wood, 8 rubber bolts, 4 glass plates and no tools are needed to construct this shelf.